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Gary M. Grandon, Ph.D., Educational Psychologist
A lifetime of educational accomplishment...

Beginning his career as substitute teacher in inner-city Detroit and then the only Physics teacher in suburban Crestwood Heights, Michigan he taught everything from wood and metal shop, algebra, and general science, to Physics. Dr. Grandon holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and received his teaching credential in High School Physics, General Science and Math.

He wrote the evaluation of ESEA Title III's Macomb County Outdoor Education Program as he completed a Master's in Educational Evaluation and Measurement at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Studying with Ellis B. Page, then president of the American Educational Research Association and immediate past president of the American Psychological Association's Division 15 for Educational Psychology, he completed his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Evaluation and Measurement at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.  While there he also studied with the great researcher of special student learning, David Zeaman, and completed dissertation work that involved the creation of a computer software system that utilized artificial intelligence and dynamic programming algorithms to solve the problem of optimally selecting courses for students as they matriculate through high school.

As a doctoral student and later the Executive Director of the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, he managed a staff of computational statisticians at the world's largest social science data archive. In this capacity he consulted with dozens of researchers and helped conduct and analyze a multitude of surveys and public opinion polls. Among these were the original Connecticut Poll and the Longitudinal Study's of the National Center for Educational Statistics. His work in developing questionnaire item retrieval algorithms and software systems earned him a spot at the White House Conference on Library's and Information Systems. At the same time he continued his research with Ellis Page and others and published several papers on the determinants of Intelligence and their relationship to family configuration. He also collaborated on important research into differential affects on achievement on students in public and private schools and student drug use.

A few of Dr. Grandon's other research projects include: the development of the first general purpose statistical package for Apple and IBM microcomputers (A-Stat 1979-1995), developed (with his brother, Stanley C. Grandon, M.D.) the first artificially intelligent software system for assisting surgeons with Radial Keratotomy (Kera-Stat) and a self calibrating system for calculating Intra-ocular Lens Implants (Lens-Stat).

Most of his career, Dr. Grandon has been spent serving in various administrative and teaching posts in higher and secondary education. He held posts that include: Associate Director for Academic and Research Services at the University of South Florida Computing Center (Tampa), Director of Academic Computing and Network Services, and Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, as Chief Information Technology and Chief Information Officer of the American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, and most recently as its Principal.

As Associate Vice Chancellor at UNCG he was responsible for all aspects of Academic, Research, Administrative, and Network computer for the not 16,000 student University. He also served as Chairman of the North Carolina Education and Research Network -- The University data and video network used for computer and video/distance learning communication.

As a founding developer and faculty member in 2001 of the American Hebrew Academy he was responsible for creating the most technologically advanced high school learning environment yet developed. He was asked to serve as Principal and Chief Operating Officer of the Academy in 2006. The American Hebrew Academy is the only international Jewish boarding preparatory school in the Americas. As Principal he was responsible for managing all aspects of General Academics, Jewish Studies, Jewish Life, Residential Life, Athletics, and Student Health.

Dr. Grandon continues his life-long practice as an Educational Psychologists through Rosen Grandon Associates, Inc., a broadly based psychological and counseling organization in business since 1979.

Jane Rosen-Grandon, Ph.D., LPC, AAMFT, LMFT, Vice-President
A lifetime of helping people...

Jane Rosen-Grandon, Ph.D. is Dr. Grandon's life partner and is a marriage and family therapist who has spent her professional life dedicated to helping her clients achieve personal stability and satisfaction. Her unique newspaper column, Dr.-Jane's Notebook was published for over 25 years by the Hamburger Square Post in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Dr. Jane and Dr. Grandon have been married over 39 years and have two grown children and one grandchild all of whom reside in Greensboro.