Gary M. Grandon, Ph.D.
Educational Psychologist and Consultant

Educational Solutions to Today's Challenges

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Rosen Grandon Associates, Inc.
3106 Edgewater Drive
Greensboro, North Carolina 27403

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Welcome to Dr. Grandon's Office!

Gary M. Grandon, Ph.D., President of Rosen Grandon Associates is an Educational Psychologist and Consultant in the practice of helping individuals, families, and institutions overcome  educational challenges.

Primary services available include:

  • Educational Consulting for Students and Families on all school related matters including services for Learning Differences, Academically Gifted, student disciplinary problems, oppositional problems, and parent-teacher problems
  • Educational Technology Consultation with schools on instructional, administrative, and mission related problems: technology architecture, organizational structure, institutional research, pedagogical implementation, hardware and software evaluation and selection.

A unique set of professional experiences...

Dr. Grandon has had extensive experience in the field of Education.
Educational Psychologist and Researcher
Preparatory School Principal, Chief Information Officer, Dean, Teacher, Advisor, Professor
Senior Educational Technologist and Consultant